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Services On-Site’s experienced staff, commitment to talent, workflow technology,  process discipline and continuous pursuit of improvement give you the confidence to focus on your customer. 

Help desk / IT support

Services On-Site is ready to handle your end-user troubleshooting questions. Our teams are enrolled in hands-on IT courses followed by certification from CompTIA, Microsoft, Google, and Local Programming Boot Camps. We reward our staff with scholarships enabling them to pursue their goals in Information Technology. This allows Services On-Site to confidently assist your IT manager on the user end issues freeing them up to manage network and security issues. We find many IT Managers are relieved to have an ally in helping take these calls off their plate.

Office Services means IT

Many firms pay a vendor for their IT support. They also have to pay additional for site visits or phone support. Most of these issues can be solved by having someone onsite with general desktop and operating system knowledge. Our office services program provides teams that are certified on those exact issues. We don’t want to replace your IT vendor we want to save you those costly site visits that can be solved by your OS team.

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