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We are focused on adaptive workforce, process automation and changing how businesses are using talent and technology to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, drive new revenue, and build deeper relationships with employees, partners, and customers.

Our Story Starts in '89

32 years ago our mission was to change business for the better. It still is.  

Services On-Site will make you more efficient, more competitive and more customer-centric. We’re on your side. Let’s get after it.

Past | October 1989

Services On-Site introduces the onsite business center concept to South Florida. The business center is a full service professionally managed program that handles your equipment, staffing, supplies and document management strategy

Present | December 2021

The talent has arrived. With a greater emphasis on a hybrid workforce Services On-Site has allowed businesses to focus on the main thing. With a support pool that ranges from IT Help Desk to Administrative offloading to Paralegal services we provide a service that simplifies office management.

Future | Tomorrow

Services On-Site will continue to push the boundaries on process automation and the hybrid workforce. One person can't do it all. Maybe one company can.


Processes and tools designed around your needs, giving you a competitive edge and more efficient communication with your customer


Business Friendly Talent Solutions matching with your company's goals and budget. Mission critical positions by the hour, day, month. We're on your schedule!


Specializing in Onsite or Offsite scanning services to meet every budget. Industry leading technology and experience protecting your information securely and responsibly.


Staffing, Workflow Automation, Document Solutions and Scanning services designed around your business's goals. We will be relentless in making sure we exceed your expectations.

Ready to team up with us?

Together, we will help you meet your business’s key performance measures through top-down collaboration, process improvement, staff efficiencies and customer service excellence. 

See how we have made companies of all sizes more resilient, efficient and effective at serving their customers.