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We are always looking for determined talent to take our company to new levels. Services On-Site will invest in your future and give you the opportunity to work alongside the best in their respective industries. Working with Services On-Site will give you the chance to be better today than you were yesterday.


Why a career with Services On-Site?

When you think about a career, think Services On-Site. We recognize that our people are the key to our success and our growth depends on the talent of our team. At Services On-Site, you will have the opportunity to grow and develop, positively impact the business and work in an environment where performance is appreciated and rewarded.

We have Full-Time and Part-Time opportunities as well as opportunities through our On-Demand Office Team at Captain – if you’re looking for complete schedule flexibility.

If you have a passion for discovery, a high level of initiative and thrive on working with others who share your energy and intellectual curiosity, then Services On-Site is the place for you.


Careers at Services On-Site

Hybrid Paralegal / Trainer

In the newly create, flexible and challenging role you will have the opportunity to lead a breakthrough position and contribute to its development. We believe law firms can utilize this role in creating ultimate efficiencies for the firm and you. Our goal is to be the go-to customizable support team for law firms. In addition to daily task typically requested of a paralegal you will also train a steam of JLAs to better understand and execute the daily tasks expected of a legal assistant. You have the flexibility in this position to set your schedule that best blends your personal commitments. This role favors the energetic, adaptive self-starter.

The Boss

I excel when the pressure is on. We are looking for leaders. This is a position for those that want to gain experience in an elite professional environment with responsibilities that will challenge you. We want you to be active in improving processes, training protocols, and continuing your own education. From vendor management to inventory controls to daily production and mission tasks, you will be counted on. Are you in?

File Wizard

I want to learn more about law and I'm good with computers too. We are looking for someone who is comfortable in front of the computer and capable of working with a variety of file types and document management systems. This position would work alongside top legal professionals and expose you to the inner workings of a law firm and preparing for trial. If you're a prospective law student curious about a law career, we're looking at you!

I'll take a Cert with that

If you're looking for professional development with an educational focus on IT certification this is an opportunity for you. The coverage team is counted on throughout the county of hire to manage day-to-day tasks within the assigned account for a pre-determined timeframe. You will be working in many environments which will give you an opportunity to build a good rapport across a wide customer base all while being enrolled in our tech classes geared towards a certification that can springboard you towards a long successful career in IT.

Hybrid Workforce

Flexible Scheduling is What I Like. Are you looking for the ultimate work-life balance? This is an opportunity for you. Services On-Site specializes in a hybrid workforce that supports businesses in a variety of ways. If you have specific talents in areas that would benefit an office, we're looking for you! We will schedule projects and opportunities around your priorities. We know life can throw challenges your way at any moment and our goal with a hybrid workforce is any time, any where.

Receptionist 2.0

For the expert multitasker. Receptionist positions are no longer answering phones. They are also on the front end of the document management strategy inputting and maintaining systems daily. The receptionist desk is now at full capacity and a contributor to daily productivity. We will support you with any company specific technology training to prepare you for success. Let's Go!

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